Compliance culture at GNH Group

Conducting business with high standards of ethics and integrity, including compliance with laws and regulations, have always been top priorities within the Georg Nordmann Holding Aktiengesellschaft, its subsidiaries NORDMANN and ROWA GROUP and further subsidiaries (GNH Group). As a longstanding international family-owned organization, these top priorities, alongside with our basic principles of entrepreneurial actions for reliability, personality, respect and fairness towards our employees and business partners, lay the foundation for the good reputation of the GNH Group.

Our way of working is based on our four key values “Responsibility, Performance, Guiding and Passion”, beside the principles laid down in our Code of Conduct setting the ethical framework for all our actions. We live our values and principles, and we believe they are also the core principles of everyone working with us to ensure the continued existence and growth of our organization. To assume responsibility and protect the GNH Group and our employees, we promote trusting, sincere and fair cooperation with clear rules and a compliant way of acting. You can download our Code of Conduct by clicking on the picture below:

To ensure compliance with our Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations within our organization, we have set up a compliance management system which is applicable for all companies within the GNH Group.

An important part of our compliance management system is our Integrity Line, being an independent, impartial, and confidential whistleblowing system. It protects whistleblowers, those affected and employees who are involved in clarifying reported misconduct. This also includes offering opportunities for anonymous reporting and communication. Discrimination or retaliation against whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to investigations within the GNH Group will not be tolerated.

Any kind of violations of the principles of our Code of Conduct and applicable laws and regulations can be reported via our Integrity Line. If you would like to raise a concern, please click the button below to access the landing page of our Integrity Line.

Alternatively, you can reach our Integrity Line also by phone under the contact details below:

Phone: +49 (0)30 9925 7146 – Company-Code 4125

For any questions or concerns regarding our Code of Conduct please feel free to contact our Director Group Compliance: